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It took us 10 years of hard work to restore this piece of local history.  It has been a long term endeavor, and we're happy  to finally be able to share all that we've done.  We hope you enjoy Sable Inn and it's history as much as we have.

Built to Impress

When the Foley brothers moved to the area in the mid 1800's, they saw a huge opportunity in the lumber industry in "the land of sky-tinted water".  John Foley, along with his brothers, set up a logging camp and steam mill and saw their ambitions take off in producing high grade lumber for bridges and railroads, with collaboration from James J. Hill.  As John saw the lumber industry moving into it's twilight, he began donating portions of his land to the community, in hopes of inspiring growth in new industries.  When the village incorporated in 1900, it was named after him as a gesture of appreciation for his influence in the community and extreme generosity.  John Foley built this home in town on 2nd Avenue in 1901 as a gift for his sister, Ellen Hall.

A New Life


We purchased the home in 2007 when its current owner needed additional parking space for the funeral home.  We were drawn to the home's beauty and history, and pictured the potential for a bed & breakfast.  Wheels were set in motion, the house was lifted on to jacks and at 4 AM early one morning, we moved the house out to our property, 1 mile west of town.  After dedicating more than 10 years and lots of time, we have restored the home to it's original state and feel like we have saved a bit of the history of the town of Foley in the process.  Please come and stay, relax, and share a part of history with us. 

Click on this link to see our renovation video

About Us

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